Sunday, February 20, 2011

Varolo Review: Make Money Watching Television Ads?

Varolo is a multi level marketing opportunity based on the power of watching television ads. The reasoning behind it is that large conglomerates spend millions of dollars putting on TV adverts. The problem is that the advertiser has no idea what type of person will be watching (or putting the kettle on) as the case may be. This form of "blanket advertising" is not great and what advertisers really want are laser targeted adverts aimed at a targeted audience. So how do they do this?

What they do is that they recruit people specifically to watch the adverts, with the idea that they get paid a very small fee per each advert that they watch. How the multi level marketing opportunity comes in is that when you join which is totally free you are afforded membership into the village or group which is a platform whereby you will find a plethora of adverts that you can watch.

The more you watch with Varolo, the more you get paid. When you sponsor people into the opportunity they will be placed directly into your group. This means that you will also get paid a percentage of the fees from the adverts that they watch, and so on, so forth so the more adverts your collective group watches, the more you get paid.

You may well be thinking that all you have to do is to log in, and leave the computer running all day whilst you go off and do something else. However the company have a data catcha system where you have to log in at regular intervals during the time that you are watching so that the they can monitor your progress. If you don't log in you will not get paid.

Although it takes absolutely no skill to sit and watch adverts and it is totally free to join, the amounts that you get paid watching adverts is small change. The key is to develop a large community of ad watchers. If you can do this, then you stand a good chance of making some money. However I'm guessing that you would have to create a team the size of a small country to be able to make possible life changing sums of money with the Varolo opportunity.

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  2. Take some work but if your a stay at home mom with time on your hand then go for it! Nothing to loose, it is free!!! I'm just getting started too, and very excited at the possibility! Learn more by click on the link below or copy and pasting in your browser:
    Also follow me and my Varolo Journey on my blog at

  3. "life changing sums of money" is probably not a realistic goal for a varolo user. But, a little extra income on the side certainly is. If you have some extra time, it is a free investment that honestly pays off. Here's a 2 minute video that boils it all down:

    Join my village if your interested and email me with any questions so I can help you get started.

  4. @Michael

    Creating a life changing amount money is very possible. There are still under 10,000 members. That gives a lot of room for people to learn and earn.

    I want to make 6,000 a month after a year with Varolo. I know I will get there too. Any goal is achievable if you are shown the right way.

  5. There are two steps to making Varolo work. Growing a Village, then helping your villagers grow villages. This is the only way to keep members active and see the ad revenue's grow.

    By helping people to achieve their goals, you intern achieve yours.

  6. I am only new at Varolo but in the short while I have been there, it has definately shown that it works.

    Communication with your Village is key. You want to ensure you motivate them as well. Encouraging them to increase their own Village

    Good Luck! Is is definately worth it

  7. Although this system looks legit, I was somewhat skeptical when I couldn't find any definitive info regarding the company. The contact phone number goes to a Verizon Wireless cellphone and the mailing address is for a box at a UPS store in Utah. But since it didnt ask for any CC info, personal info, etc, and was free to sign up, I figured it couldnt do any harm. Check out my village at the link below.

  8. Looking for an opportunity to work at home and have experience or skills in marketing and/or internet?

    Varolo is offering you the chance to work out of your house and make anywhere from $120 - $10,000 or even more a month if you're good at marketing.
    Your revenue stream comes from recruiting members to watch the advertising.
    Major companies are part of Varolo and pay you to watch their advertising.
    Feel free to look them up on or perform your own research. I did, and I am very happy with my results. I've managed to earn just over $250 now in my first month.

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  10. Stop making cents, and start earning dollars! Only join my village if you are serious about making money!

  11. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. The guy/gal who starts the "village" is at the top making money not watching ads whilst all the bottom feeders are making him /her the proft. good luck!