Friday, June 24, 2011

Bce: Mario Draghi formalmente incoronato presidente della Banca centrale europea

Bruxelles - I capi di stato e di governo dell'Unione europea hanno formalmente nominato Mario Draghi alla presidenza della Bce. È quanto emerge dalla bozza delle conclusioni della riunione in corso a Bruxelles del Consiglio europeo.

La decisione apre la strada al governatore di Bankitalia, 63 anni, alla successione dell'attuale presidente Jean-Claude Trichet, alla scadenza del suo mandato a fine ottobre.

"Il Consiglio europeo ha nominato il signor Mario Draghi presidente della Banca centrale europea dal primo novembre 2011 al 31 ottobre 2019" si legge nella bozza ottenuta da Reuters.

Tuttavia nulla è ancora scontato comunque perché' ci sono resistenze francesi per il posto di Lorenzo Bini Smaghi al direttivo della Banca centrale, che però ha un mandato di otto anni e non si capisce il motivo per cui debba andarsene. Per i francesi convincerlo non sarà così facile e alla fine la sensazione è che l'ex economista di Bankitalia resterà dove si trova.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to Buy Gold Safely: The Basic Elements Found in Every Gold Transaction (The Secret)

gold-edelmetalle-rohstoffe-commodities With the current interest in gold ownership seemingly at a historical level, the question is not if you should buy gold, but how to buy gold. As the price of gold hovers around $1200 an ounce, many newcomers to the gold market have been looking to get their hands on the precious metal. Whether you just want to diversify your portfolio, see gold as a hedge against inflation or feel the dollar and world currency are headed for disaster, you should know how to buy gold.

The easiest way to understand about buying gold is to take physical possession of it. You can go down to your local coin shop and hand over $1200 or so dollars and receive a one ounce American Eagle gold coin. If you have more money to invest, you can buy bullion from any number of reputable companies. Knowing how to buy gold will keep you from being "ripped off" by an unscrupulous seller. Basic rule - expect to pay a few dollars over spot price (the current market price for gold) and receive spot price when you sell.

When you don't want to take physical delivery of the commodity, there is a solution for buying gold. Most large, gold selling companies will hold your gold for you at their facility. Simply set up an account, purchase however many ounces of gold you desire and let them handle the rest. You'll receive a statement and an account number indicating the amount of gold you own and you can retrieve it (take physical possession) anytime you want or simple sell it back to the company and receive a check for the proceeds.

Deciding how to buy gold can be challenging. For some, ETF's (Electronically Traded Funds) designed to track the daily price of gold, are the perfect option. Basically, you purchase shares in the fund and if the price of gold rises, you make money. Conversely, when gold prices drop, the ETF declines in value. This option offers the convenience of very high liquidity as well as not having to worry about taking physical possession of the commodity.

If you know how to buy gold mining stocks, you may be able to earn a greater return on your investment than by simply buying the the pure asset. In addition to being correlated with the price of gold, the price of a gold mining stock is also affected by the overall performance of the company.

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By Elaine Bixler

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MONEY TODAY: How Can a Private Individual Buy Gold?

I LOVE GOLD-BUY-GOLD-FOR-FUTUR-gold Gold has always been the most precious metal in the world. Although there have been other metals that are more expensive than gold like platinum, but the importance of gold has dwarfed their presence. The importance of gold is evident from the fact that the currency value of every country is determined through its gold reserves. Similarly, people buy gold as the safest form of investment. This immense value of gold is thus the fuel that runs the world economy.

Gold buying is nothing short of an art form. Although anyone can buy gold and millions do it on a daily basis, it is not a very easy process. You would say that anyone could go to a jeweler or gold market and buy gold, right? Yes, that is the simplest way of buying gold, but what about huge quantities of gold. A purchase of mere 10 grams of gold would not bring you to a profitable position. You will have to buy at least 100 grams to 200 grams to secure your investment for the future.

Private individuals regularly buy gold from the open market. They do so in a number of ways. As mentioned above, the easiest way is a purchase in the open market. However, this is not good in all situations.

The prices of gold change on a daily basis and gold dealers want to maximise their profits. If you buy a jewel set of gold and think that you have made a good investment, think again. The better option is to research a lot before buying gold. The biggest factor that can affect your decision is the current cost of gold in the global market.

The cost of gold depends on many things with the most important being the geo-political situation. During wars and tensions between countries, the prices of gold shoot up as people want to secure their assets. On the contrary, gold prices see a decline during peace times. Fluctuating gasoline prices also play an important role in the global prices of gold.

If you have made your mind to buy gold as a form of investment, do two things. First, try to survey the local rates of gold in your area. If they are affordable, then you can buy some as per your budget and future needs. Otherwise, it is recommendable to wait for some time until the prices come down.

That is necessary because buying gold at extremely high prices can have very severe consequences. People bought gold during the second Iraq war as they thought that it would last for many years. However, the prices of gold did not sustain the surge and came crashing down after a few months. Thousands of investors lost billions of pounds worth of gold during this episode.

There are of course risks in any investment and you have to be prepared for any losses. The best tip for gold investment is patience. If you can wait for a couple of years and have some extra money to spare, then gold is the best investment option.

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Jack Wagon is a gold smith. You can know how to buy gold bar and save money.

By Jack Wogan

Make money now: Few Tips On How To Clean Your Precious Earrings

Clean earrings are always attractive. Learning how to clean your earrings is not a difficult task at all. There are several ways and solutions on how to clean your jewelry nowadays. You can clean them with a small machine is called the ultrasonic cleaner. You can clean them with cleaning solutions that are made exclusively for jewelry or even with any plain household detergent or baking soda.

Perhaps the simplest cleaning solution is to take a bowl of warm water, add a small amount of detergent, and then clean the earrings gently with a scrub brush, then rinse them with water and dry them with a plain cloth. You can easily clean your silver earrings with hot vinegar and a little baking soda. These two elements mixed together will produce foam and by leaving your earrings in it for 5 minutes, the foam will clean you earrings.

In case you would like to clean your precious earrings with cleaning solutions made for jewelry, you have a huge variety of products to choose from. Cleaning gold and platinum earrings is similar to cleaning silver earrings with one exception: you don't need to use any household ammonia. Besides the different cleaning solutions you can also buy cleaning cloths that are also a good option. Just rub the jewelry with these cloths and they will turn nice and clean again.

There are several types of machines available on the market today that are using high-frequency sound to clean your earrings in a few minutes. These ultrasonic cleaners are the perfect answer to your problem if you do not have time or willingness for cleaning with different kind of jewelry solutions.

Diamonds are as easy to clean as gold and silver. Diamonds may be regularly cleaned with any commercial jewelry cleaner or a mild detergent. Diamonds are classified as the hardest material known on Earth however the coatings along with other materials that are utilized to enrich them can occasionally be removed by tough cleaners and strong scrubbing. You may use the cleaning solution for diamonds on many precious gem stones with the exception of soft gems, like emeralds and opals. Diamonds can withstand most chemicals, but unfortunately the metal jewelry cannot and will be damaged by them.

If you are looking for a way to clean your jewelry but you are not sure what kind of metal your jewelry is, than you should do a little bit of research before you try anything. Cleaning is important not just to wear clean earrings but in retaining and restoring the beauty and luster of the earrings with and without gems.

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By Liz Seago

Beautiful Summer: How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally and Quickly?

If you want to lose belly fat naturally, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, dieting is not a natural solution to your weight problems.

Your are not supposed to diet. You are supposed to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Dieting can put your body into the starvation mode and slow down your metabolism which can make burning fat even more difficult.

Weight gain is more of a lifestyle issue and it needs to be solved with the help of a lifestyle based solution. What I mean to say is that it is not just your diet and the level of physical activity that has to be taken care but also various other factors such as your sleep pattern, stress levels and other issues like drinking, smoking etc.,

Lack of sleep and chronic stress are also some of the factors that can make you obese.

Secondly, there is nothing like spot reduction. If you want to lose excess fat from your tummy, you must plan to lose overall body fat. You can go on doing crunches and sit ups without any benefit.

One of the first initial signs of losing fat from your body appears on your chin and neck. These are the two areas which indicate that your fat loss program is working.

Abdominal vacuum exercise

This is one exercise that can be a great help in tucking your tummy in. I am sure you have seen those Arnold pics with his stomach tucked inside making his body frame look really huge. It is an exercise that can help you get a flat midsection.

Here is how you do it:

Sit tall on the edge of a chair and exhale completely. After exhaling pull the navel in towards the base of the spine. Try to pull in very tight. Continue breathing through the nostrils and hold the contraction for at least 40 seconds. Just a few repetitions is all you need. The goal of this exercise is to train your abdominal muscles to stay tucked in and the beauty of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere.

Skipping for Losing Weight

Jumping rope is another exercise that is an excellent way to burn your overall body fat. You can vary your movement while jumping rope. For instance, you can tap both your feet together or one at a time. Another kind of variation requires you to tap one of your feet twice and so on.

Varying speed is also important to ensure better results.

Fat Burners

In addition to the above, there are some fat burners that can also be a great help in ensuring quick and fast weight loss. Good quality ones are made in FDA approved labs and not only ensure faster fat burning but also reduce your appetite. Such a fat burner can help you get a flatter tummy by making you lose 3-5 pounds a week.

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Abs Diet Commandments: AskMen has 5 other commandments for your abs diet.

You need carbs if you want ripped abs. AskMen has 5 other commandments for your abs diet.

By Shannon Clark, Health Correspondent

Page 1: Abs Diet Commandments

Ryan McVay/Thinkstock
If you're on a mission tin 2011 to get cut and achieve that ripped set of six-pack abs, there are some important abs diet commandments that you must follow. Failure to account for the foods you eat on a daily basis will quickly short circuit your results and leave you continually wondering when progress is going to take place.
If you really want to get results quickly, you must take control of your abs diet and only feed your body the foods that will prime it for fat burning.
Let's go over some of the top abs diet commandments that you must know.

1- Thou shalt not skip post-workout meals
Without question, the single most important meal that you must eat during the day is the post-workout meal. Many people make the mistake of skipping this meal, thinking that it will allow them to continue to burn off body fat after the workout.
The period after a workout is when that food will be used to stoke the metabolic rate and when it's going to get sucked right up into the muscle tissues.
If you want to really boost your ability to get lean, load up a higher percentage of your daily calorie intake right after the workout and keep the other meals during the day lower in overall calories.
2- Thou shall eat protein with each meal or snack
The second abs diet commandment to follow is to make sure you get some protein with each and every meal or snack you eat. When on a strict fat-loss diet, protein is the single macronutrient that will spare your lean muscle mass.
If it's a rock-solid physique you're after, this will be essential. Focus on proteins that are naturally leaner, such as chicken, fish, egg whites and extra-lean cuts of red meat.
3- Thou shall include at least one high-carb day a week
Third, don't forgo carbs altogether. Many people who are attempting to get a ripped stomach are quick to remove virtually all carbs from their diet except fibrous vegetables.
When all carbohydrates are removed like this, your metabolism is going to plummet, making fat loss extremely difficult -- if not impossible.
Having at least one high-carb day in the diet is going to prevent this and keep that metabolism running faster. If you can have two or three high-carb days on your hardest workout days, it will be all the better.
We have three more abs diet commandments for you to follow...

Page 2: Abs Diet

4- Thou shall include casein protein before bed
Having some casein protein right before bed is another key issue that you must make sure you're doing. This is the slowest form of protein available, so by placing it before you enter the long nightly fast, you ensure your muscles have a constant stream of amino acids to feed upon.
If you're currently in a calorie deficit and go to bed without protein, you will definitely be at a higher risk for muscle mass tissue loss.
5- Thou shall include 3 to 6 grams of fish oil
When it comes to fats on your abs diet plan, you do want to be limiting them. At nine calories per gram, they contain twice as much as either protein or carbohydrates do. But one particular type of fat that you should take in daily is fish oil.
Fish oil will improve your insulin sensitivity so that when you do decide to add carbohydrates to your diet, your body can handle them better and there is a reduced risk of turning them into body fat.
Aim to take three grams to six grams of fish oil caps per day, unless you're eating a larger serving of fatty fish in one of your particular meals. Salmon and mackerel are both great sources of essential fatty acids, so those are the types to focus on.
6- Thou shall limit sodium intake
Finally, the last abs diet commandment is that you must make sure that you're limiting your sodium intake. While sodium isn't going to play a role in actually gaining or losing body fat, if you take in too much, it's definitely going to play a role in how you look.
If you really want to get that shredded look, you must be avoiding water retention. Just a few hundred milligrams of sodium can easily throw off your leanness factor -- so definitely do keep tight reins on your sodium as you get leaner and leaner.
The less body fat you have, the more of a difference you'll notice on the impact of your sodium intake.

absolute abs

Don't mindlessly go about your diet any longer. If you want ripped abs, you must obey all six of these commandments to achieve success.

Askman – for mens!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Self Centered Egotistical Mind

Wicked is the ego of self centered fools.
Who care about nothing but causing trouble.
Nobody can do right in the eyes of such people.
They have people beside them blinded in comfort.
The selfishness of the ego cries like a baby.
Especially when things don’t go the way it wants.
Then it try’s and psych you out by asking questions.
Did I do something wrong? Are you pushing me away?
The people who see this ego driven selfishness, laugh.
Every time it is expressed, we all laugh harder.
We laugh because this type of self centeredness grows.
It grows younger and more childish every single day.
This type of egotistical, possessiveness yearns for help.
But, you can’t tell someone this who already knows everything.
Why try beating a dead horse if it’s living?
It will still remain a dead horse breathing lucid air.
The self centered ego sucks people down and everything around it as well.
It cannot survive by simply being happy for others.
It needs to choke people, tell them they aren’t doing things right.
The ego has its own built up hatred to feed, on others faults.
What selfishness and pity can the human mind have?
Self centered minds who blame everything going wrong on others.
This is why egotistical self centered minds get pushed away.
This is why people leave and don’t want to come back, ever.
It’s always something, it’s always someone else’s fault.
This is the mind set of the ego driven self centered thought.
Never happy about anything unless it is perfect by the ego’s standards.
Funny, nobody seems to get along with this personality.
Grow up! Move on with life. Leave others alone. Stop pushing away.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End Of An Era: Shaquille O’Neal Says Goodbye To The NBA…

Catch ya later, Diesel.

End Of An Era- Shaquille O’Neal Says Goodbye To The NBA…What’s Next

Shaq took to the social media site, Tout, to put out a video where he announced his retirement.

“We did it. Nineteen years baby,” Shaq shared. “I want to thank you very much, that’s why I’m telling you first, I’m about to retire. Thank you, talk to you soon.”

You think this is really the end or just another prank? Shaq is getting old and could barely walk around for the last half of the season, so maybe it’s best he call it a career. It’s also interesting that he waited until the Finals started, so he can snatch the attention away from the people that are actually still playing ball.

Oh well, at least now he can spend some quality time with his boo boo Hoopz. So what do you think? Is Shaq the greatest NBA center of all time?