Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ANGOLA 2013 | University Students Invited to Research in Bicuar Game Reserve

Lubango — The administrator of the Bicuar National Park, in southern Huila province, César Santos, Saturday in Luanda, invited university students from the 6th academic region to conduct research in the reserve, in order to elevate their academic and scientific knowledge.

Speaking to ANGOP, in Luanda, said César Santos said it is relevant that students, mainly those in the specialties of Biology, Geography and Environment, conduct research in the Bicuar National Park, as it is a rich area in terms of scientific resources.

Cesar Santos said that the administration of the Bicuar National Park is open to any such a request, adding research can enrich the students' levels and help develop the reserves and ensure the discovery of new species of animal and flora.

The administrator stated that the park went through a few problems with the research and location of some species that disappeared during the armed conflict, a situation he said students might help resolve.

On the other hand, Cesar Santos said that under a programme of assistance to the natural reserve, the Government has invested about three billion Kwanzas, used in the rehabilitation of the administrative building, in the park and research.

"We managed to implement the programme of putting salt in main sites where the animals feed and drink water, and this is causing a return of some species, such as the red buffalo, red antelope and others," stressed he administrator.

Regarding the situation of poaching, the official said it is has not reached worrying proportions, as the place has been reinforced with 150 guards, administrative workers, transportation and communication equipment.

With a land area of 7,900 square meters, Bicuar National Park was created in 1938 and is the home to such species as elephants, red antelope, hyenas, lions and others.

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